The Blackhawks–Red Wings rivalry is a historic rivalry in the National Hockey League (NHL)  Prior to the 2013–14 league-wide divisional realignment, it was the most intense rivalry in the Central Division during the post-lockout era. The clubs began playing each other in 1926–27, during the inaugural season for both franchises, and have faced each other in more regular season games than any other two clubs in NHL history. Some of the greatest names in hockey derive from these two franchises. Players that truly love the game and honor its foundation are seldom seen. Now bring those cats together for a chance to not only rekindle the magic of their unions, but also to celebrate the camaraderie they have......well, you get it right?


The NHL Alumni for each franchise is strong. Loyalists to the end but mostly for the love of the game, many of the players are still heavily involved and love to take to the ice. 


Where will you ever find an opportunity like this? Seriously? To rub elbows with the some of the gods of hockey. To meet and mingle with players that have shaped their franchises and the NHL as a whole. This event is a dream and serves a cause bigger than itself. 

The Barn Burner in Cheese Land

  • Thunderstruck4:52
  • Welcome to the Jungle4:33
  • Stranglehold8:24